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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum age a child can join?


YKGC offers classes for children a young as 1 years old. 

When is registration?


YKGC offers classes all year round. 
Fall (Sept- Dec):
Opens Aug 15th
Winter (Jan-Mar): Opens Dec 15th
Spring (Apr-Jun): Opens March 15th
We offer camps during the school holidays.

What should I wear to class?


All athletes go barefoot in the gym, long hair must be tied back and no jewelry. 

Recreational athletes are welcome to wear athletic clothing 

Competitive athletes please refer to the handbook. 

What is the membership fee? 


For the safety and security of yourself, your child and our staff at our facility, all participants must purchase the annual membership/insurance. This is effective from July 1-June 30 of each year




What recreational programs are offered?


YKGC offers a wide range of recreational programs to suit everyone's age and abilities. All programs are inclusive. 

Active Start: The Active Start program is multi-disciplined and designed to introduce participants to seven fundamental movement patters. 

Cangym: The Cangym program is Canada's national skill development and evaluation program for ages 7 year and up. There are 12 badge levels. 

Canjump: Canjump focuses on Trampoline, Tumbling, mini-tramp and double-mini. 

Gymnastics for life: Adult class is for 18+, beginners or former gymnasts and anyone that wants an exciting new workout. Focusing on improving balance, flexibility and coordination. 



What is competitive gymnastics?


Our competitive artistic gymnastics program focuses on advanced skills, strength and flexibility. Skills are showcased through routines during competitions both in and out of Yellowknife. Athletes will train between 2-16 hours per week.





If I withdraw from a class will I get a refund?

Please see our refund policy 

Cancellation Policy

       What happens if my class is                              cancelled? 

YKGC reserves the right to change the schedule or cancel a class due to low registration. If this happens we will make an effort to accommodate you in another class.