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Tumble Bugs

For children ages 12 months to 2 years, with parent participation. Classes are 30 minutes long and are designed to introduce toddlers to our gymnastics facility.

Tiny Tots

For children ages 2 to 3 years, with parent participation. Classes are 45 minutes long. Designed to introduce toddlers to gymnastics in a fun, structured environment. 

Tumble Tykes

The first of our two unparented preschool programs, Tumble Tykes will have the opportunity to explore all the equipment, including bars, balance beams, trampolines and foam pit all on their own!!!

Tumble Tykes may have a parent participate only if necessary and just for the few weeks. If they are not ready to be on their own then we recommend registering for Tiny Tots.

Kinder Kids

Kinder Kids will continue to develop the fundamentals of gymnastics (swings, springs, rotations, locomotions, statics and landings) while also improving listening skills and following circuits in a fun-filled environment.

Kinder Kids is for children ages 4 and 5 and they should be comfortable participating without a parent on the floor.


The CanGym Program is Canada’s National Skill Development and Evaluation program for boys and girls aged 6 years and up. There are 12 badge levels. Badges 1 through 4 focus on skills that are considered “building blocks” for more advanced gymnastics. Badges 5 through 12 are separated into Mens Artistic Gymnastics and Womens Artistic gymnastics.

At each level, all of the skills must be mastered before moving to the next badge. 

Kinder Plus (Burgundy-Tan)

This is a one hour class for children ages 3-5 that find kinder kids too easy. The gymnasts are introduced to more challenging skills that may not be covered in our regular kinder kids class. However, this class still gets certificates, not report cards. The goal is just to introduce them more challenging movements to keep them engaged and loving gymnastics. It encourages them to be brave, to build confidence and try more challenging things. 


CanGym Badge 1 - 3 (Burgundy - Tan)

The first 3 levels in the Cangym Program focus on skills that are considered “building blocks” for more advanced gymnastics, while also building on the Fundamental Movement Patterns.

This class is for 6 years and up, with the options of 1 hour or 1.5 hours.

CanGym Badge 4 - 5 (Bronze-Purple)

This class is available for all ages that have completed Tan or been assessed by one of our directors. This class is available as a 1 hour class for younger kids and a 1.5 hour class for older kids. These levels continue to build on basic gymnastics while also introducing more difficult skills.

CanGym Badge  6 ( Blue)

Participants must have completed level 5 in order to register for this course. It is a 2-hour long class for older kids and 1.5 hour class for younger.  Participants perfect basic skills and develop more complex skills.   

CanGym Badge 7-12 (Turquoise - Gold)

Participants must have completed Badge 6 in order to register. 2-hour long class. Our most advanced Recreational classes, they further develop skills and create short routines.

Trampoline Level 1 - (currently not available)

Class focus on basic development, coordination and positions. Small routines are made up of various skills learned throughout class.

Ages 6 - 18


Please let us know by email if the class you want to register your child in is full or if the available classes doesnt work with your schedule. The Club wants as many kids active and involved as possible as we genuinely stand behind the benefits of doing gymnastics. We will open more spots and OR classes based on demand and coach availability. Please contact us at by email at

Upcoming Events

Oct. 19, 2017 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Toddler Drop In

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Oct. 19, 2017 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Adult Drop In

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Oct. 20, 2017 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

All Age Drop IN

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